Play It Again Sports


How we buy & sell used sports equipment

Trade in your used equipment to buy new at a discount, or buy used to save up to 50-70%!

Recycle your quality used sports equipment at Play It Again Sports. Kids outgrow sports equipment so fast it’s amazing. Much of this gear is still in great condition and has lots of years left in it, which makes that cluttered garage or closet a potential source of income. Cashing in your quality used gear at Play It Again Sports is fast and easy:

  1. Clean out that closet, garage or basement! 
  2. Load up your quality used brand name sports and fitness equipment and bring it to our store. 
  3. Check in with a sales associate to review what you have to sell or trade. 
  4. While you check out the latest arrivals in the store, we will review your items based on condition, brand and our current stock levels. 
  5. Your sales associate will determine the value of your items and either pay you on the spot or you can trade your items towards your purchase that day. 
  6. You walk out of the store with new gear, money in your pocket or both! 

Of course, we sure try, but we can't buy everything.

At Play It Again Sports we give you three options on your quality used sporting goods.  Those options include consigning your item, selling your item outright, or using your item as trade towards something else in the store. 

When you bring your item in we will assess what we feel the re-sale value is of that given piece of equipment.  It is very important that the item is used, not used-up.  That means your equipment needs to be in a condition where someone else can still get use out of it.  Broken equipment, equipment missing parts, or older and out-dated equipment will not be  accepted. 

When you consign your items we offer you the highest money value because consignment eliminates risk to the store.  We put your item up for sale in our store for a maximum of 90 days, and once your item sells we pay you a percentage of the sale price. 

We also give you an option to sell your item on the spot.  Sometimes people are more interested in getting cash quick and/or getting the item(s) out of their garage or home.  For these people we do offer an outright purchase price, however it typically is around half of the consignment value.

Finally, we often have people trade equipment in  towards other equipment they need.  Kids growing out of equipment is a perfect example.  You can bring in equipment you are no longer using and purchase other equipment that fits a more current need.